7 Tips to Collect High Quality Backlinks for SEO

nicolos | 2017-02-09 06:55:21

Before building quality backlinks for your website, you need to perfectly optimize your website in order to make your website presence visible in search. Once you optimize your website changes, then you can start building links.

Start working on the below tasks to get quality backlinks:

1. Guest Posting: This is the best way to get a quality backlink, but you need to write quality content with right topic, for your content to get approved you need to focus on content with real data in it, getting link from guest posting sites is really a boost.

2. Infographics: Converting your content into graphics is really a big thing, because it is a mix of content and images which makes it more interesting, promote your infographics in Pinterest and Slideshare will give you more quality traffic.

3. Blog Promotion: First of all, having a blog in your website is very important and it should be linked to your website. You need to update your blog with content every 3 days a week, which is a great way to be updated. Promote the content using social media and blog promotion sites.

4. Social Media: Making use of social media channels is a great way to promote your content in Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. It helps your users because your providing valuable information to them, and if they like the information your promoting then they will subscribe on your blog, which is a great way to build engagement and traffic.

5. Article: This is some what different to guest posting, but you need to promote unique content in a high quality websites in order to get quality linkbacks, don’t spam your content by over promoting the same blog in different article websites.

6. Community Posting: This is a great way to interact with your industry, which helps to know about new things. You can promote your website or blog, also ask question related to your industry. By this way, you can promote your products and improve your quality traffic. 

7. Blog Commenting: This is also the best possible way to build quality backlinks. By giving comments in high quality websites, which helps you to build quality traffic, but don’t make it spam.

Well these are the best ways to build high quality backlinks by using SEO off-page submissions.