How to Set the Keywords in Title Optimization

nicolos | 2016-08-31 02:42:20

In search engine optimization, a site's homepage title plays an important role, which is the key. In general, TDK set of website has a decisive role in SEO, directly affect the site's ranking. TDK is the so-called title, description, keywords, of course, the keywords to SEO is also very important in the past,but now not so important. The most important part is the title and description, but the title is the most important of them, if this could be set up well, it can play a multiplier effect in website optimization.

So, how to set the title of homepage?

1. Title should not more than 32 characters

Title should be in less than 32 characters, more than words, the title is not all show up. It appears after the Google search results page title ellipsis, so the title is no integrity, is not conducive to the user experience. Generally title words limit may be 60 or less. But as a SEOer, title set preferably within 32 characters, which can ensure the title of simplicity, the user experience can be improved.

2. The title contains the main keyword
In general, we want to get keyword ranking, we will put them in the title of the keyword layout. But it can also be set in the description, I usually set description within 120 characters. Only set keywords like this, we could be searched. Of course, not stuffing keywords in the title, Google will think this is a means of cheating.

3. Use the Google drop-down box, related searches, Google search index and extract keywords according to the site keywords in the natural search
In selecting keywords, I will first consider the company's main business to choose keywords, then launch the search in Google. Use keyword drop-down box to select vocabulary, and related search terms recommended, competitors' sites keywords, choose them into my thesaurus. Search keywords like this again, choose the keywords accurately. Check all the words in Google index queries. We select a moderate degree of competitive keywords, we do not consider high competitive, because the competition is relatively intense, or join words like areas, this will reduce a lot of competition. Of course, Google index 0, maybe also consider it, as long as they comply with the company's business, the keywords is in line with the user experience should be chosen. Finally, we combine these words, which should be readable.

Summary: Some titles are for optimization settings, some websites entitled to branding. It depends on the company's ultimate purpose, if we aim to promote the brand, we can put some of the titles into a brand slogan or promotional title. If we aim to attract target customers, then we set the target keywords. No matter how to set the title, we should take the user experience as the most important, optimization is the minor important.